Charlevoix, QC

The World Biosphere Reserve of Charlevoix is located in Quebec, on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Extending along the Saint Lawrence coast all the way from Petite-Rivière-Saint-François to Saint-Fidèle, it includes a fluvial portion and an island (Isle-aux-Coudres). It moves inland to the west to include the Le Massif and the Du Gouffre river watershed, which ends with the Parc des Grands Jardins. The northern boundary runs along the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve, and joins the Saint Lawrence River including the Parc des Hautes-Gorges as well as the Malbaie river and its entire watershed. The Hautes-Gorges of Malbaie river is the deepest gorge in eastern Canada, and the region is of importance for its unique geological features.

This reserve hosts a diverse and biologically rich array of flora and fauna, including an internationally important wetland, a population of imperiled whales and regionally threatened ecosystems. On the reserve territory itself, very different ecosystems can be seen in rapid succession…from sea to tundra, boreal forest to agricultural terrain, capelin to caribou, all under the supervision of the bluebird and the watchful eye of the bald eagle. This territory covers approximately 457,000 hectares and nearly 30,000 people live within this biosphere reserve on a permanent basis.

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