Long Point, ON

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve, located on the shores of Lake Erie, in southern Ontario, is the second longest freshwater peninsula in the world. The reserve is situated at the heart of a rich mosaic of ecosystems that occur in association with the formation of sand deposits from the Laurentian Great Lakes, and forested remnants of the Carolinian zone. A variety of habitats including long, uninterrupted beaches, undisturbed sand dunes, grassy ridges, wet meadows, woodlands, marshes and ponds, coldwater streams, and the shallow Inner Bay host a corresponding array of flora and fauna.

At different times of the year, Long Point serves as an important staging area for waterfowl and provides a critical stopover site for over 300 species of migratory birds. Tens of thousands of Monarch Butterflies also stop on their way to their Mexican wintering grounds. The significance of these sites has earned the reserve a Ramsar designation and recognition as Important Bird Area by BirdLife International. The Long Point Bird Observatory attracts an impressive number of visitors each year, and is estimated to contribute 1.5 million dollars annually to the local economy.

Approximately 500 permanent residents and at least 3,000 seasonal residents live within the reserve.

For more information, please visit the website: www.longpointbiosphere.org/