Collective Impact of Biosphere Regions

Uncover the considerable collective impact of Canada's biosphere regions.

The local impact of each biosphere region resonates deeply within their community while contributing significantly to tackle global challenges. These regions serve as knowledge-sharing hubs, fostering collaboration and the adoption of innovative solutions that can be scaled and replicated elsewhere.

Their initiatives yield significant effects when multiplied nationally. Leveraging the network of 19 sites, these impacts are replicated across Canada, fostering interconnected communities dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity conservation.  

This cumulative effort creates a powerful force for positive change at the national level, shaping the course of environmental conservation and sustainable development. Partnering with biosphere regions and their national network offers strategic opportunities for a wide array of organizations. 

Explore the possibilities below to engage in this transformative journey. 

The National Network in Numbers


Canadians live in biosphere regions.


Square kilometers of water within the biosphere regions.


Square kilometers of protected areas or interim protected areas.


Kilometers of watercourses flowing through the biosphere regions.


Indigenous hosts.

2:1 – 5:1

Leverage ratio for investments within the biosphere reserves.


Million dollars annually into the network of biosphere region communities.


Municipal partners.

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community gathering of municipal and Indigenous governments in Howe Sound Biosphere Region