Learn how the CBRA and various levels of government can work together to enhance biodiversity conservation.

Biosphere regions in Canada are uniquely positioned to implement federal, municipal, and Indigenous priorities by fostering collaborative partnerships and integrated management approaches.

Biosphere reserves locally implement federal priorities by translating overarching conservation and sustainability objectives into actionable strategies tailored to the unique ecological and social contexts of their respective regions. They align with federal mandates through the designation of protected areas, implementation of ecosystem monitoring programs, and promotion of sustainable land management practices. Additionally, they often leverage federal funding and technical support to bolster conservation efforts, such as habitat restoration projects or biodiversity monitoring initiatives. Through collaborative partnerships with federal agencies and adherence to national policies and guidelines, biosphere reserves serve as vital hubs for on-the- ground implementation of federal priorities, ensuring the effective stewardship of natural resources and the promotion of sustainable development at the local level.

Municipally, they engage with local governments to incorporate municipal priorities, such as sustainable land use planning and economic development, into management strategies and conversely, biodiversity, climate action, reconciliation, and sustainable development into municipal policy.

Biosphere regions also integrate Indigenous government priorities by respecting Indigenous rights, incorporating traditional ecological knowledge, and engaging in co-management arrangements that honor Indigenous stewardship of the land. By embracing these diverse perspectives and priorities, biosphere reserves in Canada become holistic models of sustainable development and environmental stewardship, benefiting both ecosystems and communities across the country.

Federal Government

Learn how biosphere regions are strategically positioned to advance the federal government’s sustainable development objectives at the local level. Learn how the biosphere regions support these federal priorities.

Municipal and Indigenous Governments

Learn how partnering with municipalities and Indigenous governments, biosphere regions can enhance their capacity to promote sustainable development, increase community well-being, and contribute to conservation efforts on a local and global scale.

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Join us in forging strategic partnerships and providing crucial funding for biosphere region initiatives in sustainable leadership and community development. Together, we can drive positive change, foster resilience, and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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