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Learn about the unique opportunities for partnerships between NGO's and biosphere regions.

Biosphere regions often engage with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in environmental conservation, community development, and sustainable practices. These partnerships can take various forms: 

  • Community-based Projects: NGOs may collaborate with biosphere regions to implement community-based projects that promote sustainable livelihoods, protect biodiversity, and enhance local well-being. 
  • Advocacy and Awareness: NGOs can work alongside biosphere regions to raise awareness about critical environmental issues, advocate for policy changes, and mobilize public support for conservation efforts. 
  • Research and Monitoring: NGOs often contribute their expertise in research and monitoring, helping biosphere regions collect data, assess environmental conditions, and develop evidence-based strategies. 
  • Capacity Building: NGOs may provide training and capacity-building programs to local communities, empowering them to actively participate in conservation and sustainable development activities. 
  • Eco-Tourism and Education: NGOs specializing in eco-tourism and environmental education can collaborate with biosphere regions to create educational programs, interpretive centers, and sustainable tourism initiatives that benefit both visitors and local communities. 

These collaborations between biosphere regions and NGOs leverage the strengths and resources of both parties, amplifying the impact of conservation and sustainable development initiatives. 

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community gathering of municipal and Indigenous governments in Howe Sound Biosphere Region