Municipal and Indigenous Governments

By partnering with municipalities and Indigenous governments, biosphere regions can enhance their capacity to promote sustainable development, increase community well-being, and contribute to conservation efforts on a local and global scale.

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Environmental Management

Municipal and Indigenous governments address sustainability initiatives related to waste management, recycling programs, pollution control, conservation of natural areas, and promoting renewable energy sources.

Biosphere regions provide expertise and capacity in the areas of biodiversity conservation and sustainability. By working with the biosphere regions, local governments gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources for implementing sustainable practices and conservation strategies. These partnerships enable municipalities and Indigenous governments to address environmental challenges while leveraging local capacity through the biosphere regions.

Environmental Management Project Example

An aerial photograph of the rocks and water of Georgian Bay. Georgian Bay Biosphere Region
State of the Bay Project

Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario

While Georgian Bay can feel like wilderness, it is subject to virtually all of the same pressures as the other Great Lakes – invasive species, climate change and development pressures. To help monitor these changes, the Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB) and its many partner organizations launched the State of the Bay project.

Economic Development and Tourism

Municipal and Indigenous governments address economic development priorities like supporting local businesses, attracting investment, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting job creation to stimulate economic growth.

Biosphere regions’ rich biodiversity is one of the main attractions for tourists interested in nature and sustainability. Their visits provide an economic boost to local communities. Partnerships with biosphere regions can lead to the development of sustainable tourism initiatives that respect the environment and local cultures, creating jobs and supporting local businesses. Biosphere regions are also working with local businesses to incorporate sustainability practices and support community-wide economic development.

Biosphere regions are known for their expertise in sustainability. They can provide guidance to local governments on how tourism operators, businesses, and service providers can adopt greener practices. This may involve projects focused on renewable energy, waste reduction, and sustainable agriculture, ensuring that tourism contributes positively to the local environment.

Sustainable Tourism Project Example

Mount Arrowsmith in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region. Photo credit: Striking Balance.
Amazing Places

Location: British Columbia, Ontario & New Brunswick

The Amazing Places Project connects people with nature and educates residents and visitors about the ecological significance of well-loved, publicly-accessible outdoor spaces.

Planning and Development

Municipal and Indigenous governments often focus on managing growth and development, including zoning regulations, land use planning, and affordable housing initiatives. 

Biosphere regions can help municipalities and Indigenous governments integrate sustainable development, biodiversity, climate, and reconciliation outcomes into local land use planning and policy development. This collaboration is crucial for protecting natural habitats and biodiversity within BR territories.

Planning and Development Project Example

community gathering of municipal and Indigenous governments in Howe Sound Biosphere Region
Howe Sound Community Forum

Location: British Columbia

The purpose is to provide a forum for local governments, Regional Districts and First Nations discussions to maintain and enhance the economic, environmental, cultural, and social well-being of the Howe Sound for the benefit of present and future generations.

Infrastructure Development

Municipal and Indigenous governments focus on managing parks and recreational facilities, organizing cultural events, supporting arts and cultural organizations, and promoting active lifestyles.

Biosphere regions actively support the development of local tourism assets that align with sustainable and regenerative tourism practices. This can include funding projects that enhance visitor experiences, improve infrastructure, and protect natural and cultural heritage sites within the region.

Community Engagement

Biosphere regions can serve as neutral and inclusive platforms for facilitating dialogue and consultation between various stakeholders, including local communities, municipalities, government agencies, NGOs, and businesses. Municipalities can utilize these platforms to gather input, address concerns, and collaborate on solutions to shared challenges related to land use, conservation, and sustainable development.

Community Engagement Project Example

Community engagement in the Manicouagan-Uapishka Biosphere Region. Photo credit: Jean Sebastien Bouchard
Ma Ville Ma Voix

Location: Quebec

The Manicouagan-Uapishka biosphere region coordinates all consultation and communication activities, supports project promoters, and ensures that the process is boosted with a view to continuous improvement and social innovation.

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community gathering of municipal and Indigenous governments in Howe Sound Biosphere Region